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Craft-Bier online kaufen
We love drinking different craft-beers because it’s great fun to enjoy all the distinctive flavours a beer can offer. To get your hands on different stuff is the real challenge here. Going to the local craft-brewery to buy their newest experiment is one of the top options. However, many small bottle shops as well as Manor and Coop also offer a decent selection of craft-beers from several different breweries.

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Order craft-beer to your door step
The real challenge only starts, once you have tried all the breweries‘ core range and are still looking for something new to taste. Now you’re either in luck and live in one of the Swiss cities that have a craft-beer shop such as Craft Gallery (Bern), Hako (Winterthur), Bierrevier (Basel), Mise en Bière (Lausanne), Beers’n’More and Intercomestibles (Zürich) or there’s a Drinks of the World at the train station. If you’re not that lucky, well, then you are in need of other sources for your brew.Ordering them online and right to your doorstep is the laziest and most comfortable way to do it. For those who like surprises, I would recommend a beer subscriptions. Each month you get a new box of beer selected by the supplier. If you hate surprises and have a very clear opinion about what craft-beer you like, it makes more sense to order at an online beer shop or from a brewery. Nevertheless, only a few Swiss breweries already have online shops and with some of the beer shops shipping adds up to a big part of the total costs. High time to try to make an overview. So, let’s go.Craft-Beer-Abonnment-OnlineCraft-beer subscriptions (including shipping)

Vendor Description Costs for six-pack
Bierarena.ch 6 bottles a month. You can choose your preferred beerstyle and the package will be adjusted accordingly. 6 months CHF 240.00
Bierliebe.ch You get 6 or 12 bottles each month, 3 different beers. Gift-box optional. 6 months

CHF 169.90

Bier-des-Monats.ch 6 or 12 bottles each month, 3 different beers, normally from the same brewery. Info leaflet included. 6 months CHF 239.00
Craftbeer.ch Provided by Beerfactory Rapperswil, consists of 6 bottles of the same beer (or 4 if they contain 0,5 liters) 6 months CHF 269.00
Mysixpack.ch 6 different craft-beers per month, selected by the Beers’n’More Team from craft breweries around the world. 6 months CHF 270.00
Pilgrim.ch 12 or 24 bottles of 4 different beers, 4 times a year (*for 4 times 12 bottles) CHF 168.00*
Smartbeer.ch You get 6 bottles each month, 3 different beers. Info leaflet included. 6 months: CHF 210.00
Swiss-beer-abo.ch 2 liters (equals 6 bottles) each month, 3 different beers. They also offer a seasonal subscription. 6 months CHF 209.00


Craft-beer from online beer shops

Vendor Description Shipping costs
Amstein Filter for colour, style, fermentation, country and brewery. Around 500 products. To optimise shipping costs, you get a real-time overview of how full your box already is. CHF 15.90 per box or per 16 kg.
Beer4You Shop run by Feldschlösschen. Filters are: style, brewery, country, IBU, colour, ABV and matching food. Listed are mainly beers from the Carlsberg family hence not real craft-beer (well depending on the definition of craft-beer) CHF 10.00, free shipping from CHF 50.00.
Drinks of the World Offers more than 1000 products that can be filtered according to style, country and canton. Every beer offers a description containing country, ABV and bottle volume. Up to 36 bottles: CHF 20.00, then add CHF 10.00 for each box of 18 bottles.
Craftbrew Boxes of 6 to 24 bottles can be put together individually. Filters are: style, flavours and breweries. Only Swiss beers in stock. CHF 8.00, free shipping from CHF 70.00
Drink-Shop Around 600 products. Categories are somewhat illogic, no filter offered. They also offer a beer subscription. From CHF 9.90, free shipping from CHF 250.
Micro Bière Offers beers from small breweries from the French part of Switzerland such as 7Peaks, Côte West or Totally Beer. From CHF 11.05
Thecrafts From the shop in Kloten. Offers free shipping to the German speaking part of Switzerland. You have to order via e-mail and based on a PDF list so it’s a bit a challenge to get an overview. Offers a big variety of beer though. Free shipping in German speaking Switzerland
Wittich Singles or six-packs of beers from all over the world. Can only be filtered by country. Many Belgium beers, overall more than 900 products. CHF 15.00, free shipping from CHF 300.00
Qbeer Qbeer from Qoqa offers a package of 12 bottles/cans from different breweries around the world twice a week. Amount is limited, once out of stock it’s gone. CHF 9.00

Furthermore LeShop.ch (broad selection, e.g. beers from Stone), Manor.ch and Galaxus (447 products, shipping CHF 9.00, free shipping from CHF 50.00) offer a good selection of beers. However, I think shopping with one of these shops makes more sense, if you already are buying something else with them anyway and you want to add a couple of beers to your shopping cart.

Craft-beer straight from the source

To avoid being completely random in this list I selected the Swiss breweries that participate at the two biggest craft-beer festivals of Switzerland in Zurich and Solothurn. I only listed those that have an online shop and also offer shipping. Should your craft-brewery also have an online shop, please let me know, details see below.

Vendor Description Shipping costs
523 Ships in boxes of 6, 12 or 24. Offers a counter to optimise your order quantity. You can even choose delivery or pick up date to avoid your beers getting too warm. Box of 6: CHF 11.00, box of 12: 12.00, box of 24: 18.00
49er Not suitable for a small order due to the high shipping costs. CHF 20.00
Bierfactory Rapperswil Ships in boxes of 24 that you can put together by yourself from what they have in stock. Free shipping
Birrificio Sottobisio High shipping costs that don’t really get more economical if you buy more. Maybe the cost calculator is not working properly. For 24 bottles shipping costs are estimated with CHF 54.00 From CHF 16.00 for 1 beer.
Blackwell Brewery They ship in six-packs of cartons of 24. Order can be put together according to your need. They also offer a subscription for CHF 90.00 for 3 packages of 6 bottles. CHF 8.80 for 6, 10.90 for 24 bottles.
Brausyndikat You may order 6 or 24 bottles of the same beer. CHF 7.00 for 6, 20.00 for 24 bottles
DearBeer Create your own 6 or 24 pack for a fixed price of CHF 25.00 or 75.00 respectively. CHF 9.00 for 6,

15.00 for 24 bottles

Dr. Gab’s Registration necessary to see the shipping costs. I got confused due to pre-set quantities of 5 for most beers. n/a
Hoppy People Has a shop but it didn’t calculate the shipping costs. n/a
Lägere Bräu You can order 6 or 8-packs or single bottles. Always CHF 12.00
Pilgrim.ch They only sell boxes of 12 or 24 for the beers of their craft-beer collection. For their abbey beers boxes of 4, 6 or 12 are available. So called Gran Crus are also available by 2. Discounts apply depending on the value of your shopping cart. Shipping seems to be free
Simmenthaler They may have a small selection, but a simple and quick shop. However, shipping costs increase at illogic number of bottles. Up to 8 bottles: CHF 13.00, up to 17: 15.00, up to 24: 20.00
Valaissane Is sold over beer4you by Feldschlösschen. See above
White Frontier Either pick your own or buy 12 of the same beers. Shop is a bit buggy. They had an awesome offer for 24 bottles on black Friday last year. Standard box of 12: CHF 6.50, own box of 12: free shipping

Now it’s your turn. Did you buy at any of the above shops and you want to share your experiences? Do you know a craft-brewery that has its own online shop? Then please share your knowledge and drop me an e-mail (jan at bierversuche.ch) or use the comment function and I’ll add it to the list.


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