Like every year we asked our friends about their last year and prodded them for some foresight into the next year. Considering how varied this „beer thing“ is, it’s no surprise the answers were equally varied. However, looking through the answers, it becomes crystal clear that one topic moved our friends, it itself being rather […]

James Brown Saison Tank Der „Underback“ in Aktion Rick James hat für alles sein eigenes Equipment Max von der kleinen Brauerei Brasserie Lance-Pierre in Lausanne macht gerade ein Praktikum bei der bekannten Brauerei Brew By Numbers (BBNo) in London. In mehreren Ausgaben wird er darüber berichten, wie es sich für einen «Heimbrauer» anfühlt in einer […]

Die letzten Überbleibsel des Jetlags hingen in unseren Schädel wie Wassertropfen eines Hafennebels. Unser Hirn war bereits vollgestopft mit Impressionen: Vor kurzem sahen wir Orkas in der Wildnis, mehr Weisskopfadler als Tauben, garstige Küsten und sanftes Moos an einer Million Bäumen. In diesem Zustand trafen wir auf einen Menschen, verkleidet als Einhorn, in einem Feld […]

James Brown Saison Tank The Underback in action Rick James got is own set up Max from the tiny brewery Brasserie Lance-Pierre in Switzerland is doing an internship at renowned Brew By Numbers (BBNo) in London. Over a few instalments, he writes about how it is for a „homebrewer“ to be working in a professional […]

With the last remnants of a jetlag hanging in our skull like evaporating water droplets from a harbor fog, our brain was filled to capacity with impressions: We just came back from seeing orcas in the wild, more bald eagles than pigeons and rough-edged coasts and soft moss on millions of trees. In such a […]

Gas stations with a good beer selections and young Asian women drinking flights. It was these two among many, many other moments that made me fall in love with the beer reality in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. We went to British Columbia for orcas, trees and coasts and we came back with a serious […]