If you don’t live close to your favourite brewery or craft beer store, you don’t get around ordering your craft beers online. Here are your best options.

Up there it is, the Bürgestock Resort. We looked up from the ship and thought about how the day would turn out. The name of the hotel awakens weak memories: Half knowledge about glamour and disappointment about the intermediate status, the long uncertainty about what will happen with the Bürgenstock. On this day we will […]

Qbeer Social Craft Dr. Brauwolf Zürich - Craft Bier Schweiz
April 16th, 2019,  | 0 Kommentare

For the second time, Qbeer has invited their Qbeer community to vote for a recipe and thus create their own beer. On April 13th the two beers were served at the Dr. Brauwolf brewery. We were there and asked the wolf Stefan and Miss Qbeer Eva a few questions. >> Der Blogpost auf Deutsch ist […]

The big brewery groups are looking for ways to get a piece of the craft beer action. We have looked at three different strategies and we unveil, why corporate breweries are so keen to do so, even in Switzerland.

B&R Beer Contest establishes itself as the largest beer award in Switzerland. The Swiss craft beer scene has experienced an almost incomparable boom in recent years. But as not only quantity but also quality counts, quality control with constructive and expert feedback is needed. At the Brau- und Rauch Beer Contest, the Swiss Beer Award […]

It feels like Craft Beer is at a crossroads. We are doing this review for four years now and never before have the answers been so contradictory and never before has there been as much concern among all the excitement. Some praise the community, others already see reason for criticism. There’s improvements in quality, but […]