«Switzerland, a land of brewers» was the title of an article in the Swiss-German newspaper “Der Bund”. The article was built around the fact that by now more than 1000 breweries are registered at the Swiss customs authority. As in pretty much every newspaper article about this topic it also mentioned that this number means […]

Lager has brought us (all?) here, but with the love for ale the respect for lager often dwindles. In fact, most super mainstream mass-produced beers are lager. But Craft wouldn’t be Craft if there weren’t brewers brewing excellent and quaffable lager beers. Two years ago our journey began to brew a great lager. >> Post […]

When from 14 June on 22 sweaty men are chasing a ball to the world’s amusement, one drink will be especially on the mind of the male and female football enthusiasts: Beer. We present the best lager beer alternatives to the products of global players such as Heineken (e.g. Eichhof, Calanda, Ittinger, Halengut) or Carlsberg […]

  London is a world-class beer city. This has always been the case – after all, London has shaped the development of beer styles such as Porter and IPA. But what was sometimes missing was the opportunity to visit breweries for a beer. However, the number of breweries with taprooms has risen sharply in recent […]

Die 4 ??? was a spontaneous idea. Four guys. Four pices of paper. And a sum that is bigger than its parts. It’s a collabo taken to somewhat absurd lengths and an exciting experiment at the same time, which now for the second time, is fermenting away. >> Der Text in Deutsch ist hier. It […]

The wind is blowing this interview from three different directions via the westcoast of Canada all the way to Europe. Why there’s no wind coming from the north and much more about an exceptional brewery located in a curious blindspot when it comes to craft beer awareness, you can read in this interview with Brent […]