Beer is to Belgium as Cheese is to Switzerland as is Guns to the US as is ceviche to Peru: you can’t separate the two. At home we have a book called “1000 Belgian Beers” and browsing through it you’ll notice that there’s a plethora of breweries you’ve never even heard of. Thus when we […]

It took a rough path to stay what they were. Jean van Roy – fighter, beer whisperer, icon – reflects, thanks and is excited about his beers finally being used for cooking. One of the world’s most renowned and in demand breweries in the world: Cantillon. Das Interview in Deutsch ist hier. Which of your […]

Deutsche Version des Portraits.   Name: Chris Wilson, lover of beer Brewery: Weyerbacher Brewing Company Function at the brewery: Head Brewer Current output in volume: 2013: 17,200 US barrels, 2014: around 20,000 US barrels Current beers: Places that sell your beer: 17 states of the USA, mostly along the Atlantic Coast What brought you […]

Es war ein steiniger Weg um das zu bleiben, was sie sind. Jean van Roy – Kämpfer, Bierflüsterer, Ikone – erinnert sich, bedankt sich und freut sich, dass seine Biere endlich auch zum Kochen verwendet werden. Eine der renommiertesten und nachgefragtesten Brauereien der Welt: Cantillon. The interview in English is here. Welches deiner Biere hättest […]

Sometimes it only takes one beer and you know the brewery is something special. One of those beers was Bosuil (Strix aluco) by Dutch Brewery Het Uiltje. An immense Black IPA. Accordingly we are happy to introduce to you Robbert Uyleman, man behind Het Ultje. Deutsche Version des Interviews ist hier. Which of your beers […]