B&R Beer Contest establishes itself as the largest beer award in Switzerland. The Swiss craft beer scene has experienced an almost incomparable boom in recent years. But as not only quantity but also quality counts, quality control with constructive and expert feedback is needed. At the Brau- und Rauch Beer Contest, the Swiss Beer Award […]

Wie jedes Jahr haben wir unsere Freunde über ihr letztes Jahr befragt und sie um Aussicht in ihr nächstes Jahr gebten. Wenn man bedenkt, wie vielfältig dieses „Bier-Ding“ ist, ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass die Antworten ebenso vielseitig ausfielen. Wenn man sich jedoch die Antworten genauer anschaut, wird es kristallklar, dass ein Thema unsere Freunde […]

Like every year we asked our friends about their last year and prodded them for some foresight into the next year. Considering how varied this „beer thing“ is, it’s no surprise the answers were equally varied. However, looking through the answers, it becomes crystal clear that one topic moved our friends, it itself being rather […]