The wind is blowing this interview from three different directions via the westcoast of Canada all the way to Europe. Why there’s no wind coming from the north and much more about an exceptional brewery located in a curious blindspot when it comes to craft beer awareness, you can read in this interview with Brent […]

With the last remnants of a jetlag hanging in our skull like evaporating water droplets from a harbor fog, our brain was filled to capacity with impressions: We just came back from seeing orcas in the wild, more bald eagles than pigeons and rough-edged coasts and soft moss on millions of trees. In such a […]

Aus drei Richtungen bläst der Wind ein neues Interview von der Westküste Kanadas nach Europa. Warum der Nordwind nich bläst und weiteres über einen eigentümlich blinden Flecken Crafbierland im Gespräch mit Braumeister Brent Mills von der Four Winds Brewing Company. >> Interview in English is here. Welches Ihrer Biere hättest du dem Bierjäger Michael Jackson […]

Gas stations with a good beer selections and young Asian women drinking flights. It was these two among many, many other moments that made me fall in love with the beer reality in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. We went to British Columbia for orcas, trees and coasts and we came back with a serious […]