Wortspiele #3 bei La Nébuleuse in Renens

Wortspiele #3 wird am 11. Februar 2017 stattfinden. Dieses Mal dürfen wir uns glücklich schätzen den Anlass zusammen mit La Nébuleuse organisieren zu dürfen.

Alle teilnehmenden Brauer haben zusammen die Würze für das Basisbier gebraut und dann jeweils 60L nach Hause geschleppt. Wir sind sehr gespannt in welche Richtungen die Porterwürze veredelt und welche fantastisch verrückten Ideen dieses Mal umgesetzt wurden. Kommt und zelebriert mit uns die Biervielfalt und das Fluten des Röschtigrabens. Alle Brauer sind vor Ort und schenken ihre Kreationen aus.

Aktuelles zum Event und den teilnehmenden Brauer findet man auf unserem Facebook-Event.

Tickets gibt es bereits im Vorverkauf. Sichert euch eures!

Allgemeine Informationen zum Event:

This Saturday Wortspiele #3 is finally happening and we hope you’re as excited as us. Below you can find some pertinent information on the event. In the mood for dry formalities? Yes? Then here we go:


We’ll open the doors at 14.00 and the event will go until 22.00 h. There’s no “official” after party, but if you need another beer then check out the Pibar.


Obviously, do not come by car. There is no parking on site and you’re going to a beer festival after all.

The closest bus stop is “Renens VD, village” The event is about two minutes from the bus stop.

The closest train station is “Renens VD” (alternatively, there’s Prilly-Malley). The event is about 15 minutes to walk from this train station. Alternatively, you can take the 17 bus to “Renens VD, village”.

Entry + tokens

To enter costs CHF 10. This includes the festival glass, which is for you to keep. Tokens are CHF 2 each. One token buys you 1 dl of any of the Wortspiele beers.

Entry and tokens can be purchased for cash only.


If you buy the tickets now, you get some extra tokens. The link is here: https://www.picatic.com/event14774619188145


There is only one keg of some beers – sometimes even only a 10-liter keg. While we have plenty of beers – there are going to be 35 different beers – for everyone, eventually some will be empty and cannot be replaced. So, maybe you want to get there before 21.00.

If you think you need something pale among all the dark Wortspiele beers, there will be one @La Nébuleuse pale beer on tap. This you can buy at the drinks bar in exchange for cash.


There will be a bottleshop where you can buy La Nébuleuse beers (and hopefully some other beers from participating breweries). Notice, the Wortspiele beers are exclusively on tap, and will not be available in bottles.

Also, the bottles are for take-away only.

And while we love bottleshares, there are 35 exclusive beers available at the event. That should be sufficient.

Check/rate beers

Check in the beers at the event Wortspiele on Untappd or download the booklet if you are more analog: http://www.bierversuche.ch/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Wortspiele_3_booklet.pdf

Food + Drinks

There are non-alcoholic drinks and there’s the food truck @Green Van. These will be cash only.


Smoking is forbidden inside the hall.

With this out of the way, remember to pace yourself. Even if you only have 1 dl per beer, that is still 3.5 liters in total. Drink responsibly. It will be more fun that way.

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