Craft beer is fantastic. But that doesn’t mean that everything that is craft beer is also good. The industry has created its own problems. Therefore: A critical opinion about the craft beer business.

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At the Brau- und Rauch Beer Contest a Independent jury judged over 370 beers in a double blind tasting. Appart from the category winners, there is an overall winner.

More and more Swiss craft breweries are selling their beer in cans. About time to look at the pros and cons.

Trois Dames calls it quits. This shock wave swept across Switzerland on 10 September 2020. The contribution of Trois Dames to the development of the Swiss beer and brewing scene can hardly be put into words. It is infinitely tragic and therefore infinitely necessary that we asked the founder and owner Raphaël Mettler about the […]

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Founded only in 2017 and based in Aigle, Switzerland, À tue-tête, or short ATT, has quickly established itself as top quality sour beer blendery. The beers made by founder, owner and head blender Julien are well thought after, not only in Switzerland.

The coronavirus will be with us for several more weeks and every day that a company cannot generate revenue makes survival more difficult and uncertain. This is especially problematic for small businesses and the majority of our favourite breweries are microbreweries. Their survival is not guaranteed. Not every brewery has an online shop offer (those […]