Blackwell x Bierversuche: we are writing chapter two

Die 4 ??? was a spontaneous idea. Four guys. Four pices of paper. And a sum that is bigger than its parts. It’s a collabo taken to somewhat absurd lengths and an exciting experiment at the same time, which now for the second time, is fermenting away.

It was one of those ideas. And it came after a not possible to recap amount of beers: If four guys each get to separately pick an ingredient for a recipe, show up with those ingredients on a specific day to brew a beer, how ludicrously bad can the beer be?

Together wir Blackwell Brewery, we – the Bierversucher – have tried this once before and as the Aeschlimann’s ensured us (and Untappd seems to confirm it), the result was not only drinkable, it actually had it’s charm, and was, with all it’s rough edges, actually rather popular. Could the beer have been better? Of course. Could it have been worse? Certainly. Is it worth it to try the experiment again? Definitely.

Thus it happend again on 7 July 2018. We drew the ingredients early, a the Brau & Rauch Beer Contest. Samuel got hops, Tobias got malt, Christian got yeast and Marcel got the wild card. This time around we brewed on the big boy’s kit, therefore there will be 1’000 litres plus of the beer. How the brewday went down, you can view in the video below. What ingredients got into the pots, you can see at the end of this post.

Marcel has not yet played his wildcard. Therefore, the chapter has not yet been completed.

Ingredients of chapter two

  • Target volume: 10 hL (effective: 10 hL)
  • OG target: 11°P (effective: 11.9°P)
  • Mash-in: 450 L water @70°C, rest for 1 h (approximately 65sh °C)
  • Lauter with ca. 80°C water to reach target (= 11hL)
  • Maltbill: 180 kg Pale Ale, 0.5 kg rye pale malt, 0.5 Caramünch 3, 11kg Whisky Malz, 8 kg Carafa 3
    Hops (all Emmental-aged – i.e. all rather old): Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, Tettnanger – all added at 60 min addition (in total 500 g)
  • Boil: 60 min
  • IBU: between 1 and infinity
  • Yeast: Sacc Trois + Hürlimann S189 (plus the dregs of a Jester King Überkind) -> therefore the beer could have traces of Texas
  • Water: Burgdorfer water

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