Support our local breweries – part 2: ramp sales and take-away offers

The coronavirus will be with us for several more weeks and every day that a company cannot generate revenue makes survival more difficult and uncertain. This is especially problematic for small businesses and the majority of our favourite breweries are microbreweries. Their survival is not guaranteed.

Not every brewery has an online shop offer (those that do you can find here), many sell their beers via a ramp sale or take-away offer. In the map below you can find the offers with their opening hours.

Please make sure that you follow the recommendations of the federal government during any and all contact. You know them: Keep your distance and wash your hands. The better we follow the recommendations, the faster we can put this strange, weird and scary time behind us. With restricting ourselves today, we can bring about a brighter tomorrow. Therefore, #staythefuckhome

We now have all the necessary information. Therefore, support our lively microbrewery scene by buying Swiss beers. Not only one bottle – unless you buy one bottle of each Swiss beer – but also a six- or twelve-pack.

Send us your photos. We look forward to sharing them with our community.

All breweries who want to register their offer can do so by filling out the form at https://bit.ly/2WBPkMR.

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