Peter, Beet and Reilly – Tasting of Bachweg Brewing beers

We’ve already introduced you to Bachweg Brewery from Zug here. To complete the picture, we have tasted their beer and present you our five favorite beers of the brewery.

According to their own website, the owners of Bachweg Brewery are true craft beer enthusiasts: “The owners are true craft beer enthusiasts. The founders decided that they wanted to bring the taste and flavor of the beer they missed from North America to their home here in Switzerland. They brewed the first batches for themselves in 2013, made some mistakes, but kept at it until they got it right.  The first official batches of Bachweg Brewing were brewed in 2015. Since then many thousand beers have been brewed and enjoyed.”

They go on to write that their handcrafted micro ales are designed for flavor, smoothness and quality: “We are excited to share our beer and craft beer culture. Our beers offer something for everyone, from light to dark, fruity to spicy. Brewing in small batches allows for a variety of flavors and different beer styles.”

That sounds good, and so we tasted Bachweg’s beers. Here are our five favorite beers from the brewery, which you can order in the online shop (while available).

Betelgeuse: Beetroot Sour

“Second in our experimental series is our first Sour.

We’ve paired a light malt + wheat base with the delicious winter earthiness of beetroot with a subtle tartness from our kettle sour process. This won’t blow your head off with sourness but we reckon we got the balance just right to make this an all year round favourite!”

ABV 4.3% EBC 31.8 IBU 7

The beer is beautifully pink. On the nose, the beetroot comes out very well – along with the typical aromas of a Kettle Sour. The earthiness in combination with the lactic acid is not without controversy, but via the mild implementation very successful. Thanks to the also quite mild acidity and the effervescence of the carbonation, the beer is certainly a wonderful refreshment in the summer.

Bikini Bottom – Tropical IPA

“The first in our experimental series.

Aie Matey, Ask Gary and he’ll agree this beer is amazingly fitted to and enjoyed throughout the Bikini Bottom and beyond (and most likely responsible for Patrick’s brilliance). Plankton and Mr Krabs have been trying to get their hands on this recipe for years! Well guarded with Sandy`s Karate skills. Shimmery Timbers, Squidwardy swivers, Expect a mango apricot copper color with aromas including; Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Apricot, Mango and strawberry bubblegum. Backed with a soft sweetness, moderate bitterness and a white creamy foam!!”

ABV 5.8% IBU 23 EBC 15

Despite the “Tropical IPA” designation, the beer does not spare a pleasant bitterness, which is announced in the nose and unfolds in the mouth. This is accompanied by caramel from the malt, which is almost reminiscent of a red ale. Confidently carbonated.

Czech Your Kolin – Zuger Blonde

In the Bohemian style a light, crispy hopped lager with a golden color and good structure.

ABV 4.5% EBC 6 IBU 37

Unfortunately, very little foam, but the carbonation in the mouth is pleasant. The beer does not spare at all with aroma and flavor: malt, straw and some citrus in the nose is completed with a proud bitterness in the mouth. Great brewed lager that is very drinkable, refreshing and pleasant thanks to the bitterness and dryness. A pilsner with character.

Dead Peter – American Pale Ale

“This beer is, make no mistake, a great American Pale Ale that’s gonna quench your thirst. With a clean crisp bitterness and hoppy floral bouquet from specially selected American hop varieties it delivers a citrusy, slightly malty, fantastic taste with some light notes of grapefruit. Color is pale gold, or maybe a light copper is a better explanation. No way will this beer leave your mood limp, but rather a spirit-lifting force keeping a bottle in your hand all day long! Cheers!”

ABV 5.4% EBC 18.1 IBU 37

In the aroma we get light lemongrass notes and in the mouth a spicy bitterness. In addition – as befits a classic Pale Ale – caramel malt and everything we know from the classic hop varieties. The beer is quite mineral-y – as are the other beers. All in all, a round and coherent beer.

The Life of Reilly : Oatmeal Stout

“Dark, dry and oaty;  the ultimate drink for every stout lover.”

ABV 6.5% EBC 82.8 IBU 38.3

Very nice and stable foam from which comes a great coffee aroma. Perhaps a bit over-carbonated for the beer style, but this does not prevent the long-lasting and great taste. This offers everything you want from a stout, especially licorice and bitter roast. Some sweetness develops in the mouth at first, but the beer remains dry. Classic. Good.

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