Brau- und Rauchshop Beer Contest 2023

A new record number of submitted beers – a proud 492 – presented the judges at this year’s Brau- und Rauchshop Beer Contest with sensory challenges. How the judging went and who won can be read below.

Fine notes of caramel, toasted bread and coffee develop on the nose. In the mouth, there is a creamy sweetness, more roast flavours and a slightly bitter finish.

The judge makes a note of his observations and begins his evaluation. How does the colour, the foam fit? How intense does the beer smell, does it smell harmonious or are brewing mistakes noticeable?

In addition to the category in which the beer is entered, the judge only has a description written by the brewery. For example, that in the above case it is a Coffee Milk Stout. Sometimes, however, there is simply no description at all.

Double-blind procedure

The judge does not know who brewed the beer and which breweries have entered a beer in the Brau- und Rauchshop Beer Contest 2023. The other two judges, who sit at the same table and judge the same beers, also use the so-called double-blind procedure. This guarantees maximum impartiality.

The beer judge swings the glass again, looks at the colour, sniffs again, takes a small sip. Now he or she notes down his or her observations. Maybe he or she has noticed a mistake or likes something particularly well. How is the intensity, the balance, the mouthfeel? And does the beer fit into the category entered? If the beer has any faults or shortcomings, the judge notes down the reasons and how this can be prevented.

First, second and final round

After all the beers in a session have been tasted, points are distributed. In the big categories, such as Pale Ale, Hazy, IPA and Stout, where there are many entries, the best beers qualify for the main round on Saturday.

From the best category winners, the annual winner will finally be chosen in the final.

The tasting sessions are hard work for the taste buds and palates. Bread is available to neutralise the taste and roasted coffee beans for the judges’ sense of smell. But even the trained palates of the sommeliers, brewers and representatives from the beer industry or beer distribution get tired once in a while. For this reason, the record number of entries – this year there were 492 – were tasted over two days, i.e. on Friday morning, in the afternoon and on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, the following category winners were announced:

Categories and winners

The overall winner of all categories this year was a beer called “Rudolph” from Heimelig, a “Anti-Imperial Whisky Stout”. The overall winner of the Beer Contest 2023 will be allowed to offer their beers for sale at Drinks of the World throughout Switzerland.

AmberNr.Belgisch StarkbierNr.
1LovePainBeer41Brasserie Mundschenk11
2Leonhard Hebestreit52Ahoi Hill3
3Zipfelbier113Brasserie des 3 lacs15
Bock & DoppelbockNr.Brett/LaktoNr.
1Brauerei Chällerbröi (Bock)41Kwär2
2Brauerei Sufers (Doppelbock)41Leonhard Hebestreit4
3Johannes Windisch (Bock)13Brauart Dals Bofs3
3Brauerei 567 “Stollo’s Best” (Doppelb.)13Brasserie des Vieux Grinches SNC8
3Brauerei 567 “Stollo’s Best” (Doppelb.)2
Cider & PerryNr.Double IPANr.
1INCIDER11David Theill2
2Arne Baucamp62Birte Andersen4
FruchtNr.Ginger Beer & MetNr.
1Drunk Beard151REIB BIER (Met)9
2Shrinkbrew Ales182Metsiederei Eckert (Met)6
3Andreas Ritter123Metsiederei Eckert (Met)7
Holzfassgelagerte BiereNr.Imperial StoutNr.
1Ahoi Hill11Heimelig Bier15
2Shrinkbrew Ales72NewCornerBeer NCB7
3Hard Labor Brew GmbH113Leonhard Hebestreit8
IPANr.Juicy & HazyNr.
1Berke Bräu31Alain Bruttin9
2Alistair Bremnath222Alain Bruttin10
1Marmot Cervisiam GmbH11Ahoi Hill10
2Brasserie la Source192Bättx Bier36
3Trostburger Brauverein183Hofstatt Bräu 15
MärzenNr.Pale AleNr.
1Landskroner Bräu AG131Ahoi Hill10
2Guido Köppel172Berke Bräu3
3Botlibier53Ahoi Hill9
1Boris Wechner71Hoptopus10
3Brasserie Mundschenk102Leonhard Hebestreit6
3Malcom Bruton133Anton Oppliger15
1Philippe Ritter61Pascal Krell3
2Brasserie du Manoir12Flavio Foiada2
3Brauerei Schluckspecht33Hobbybrauer Joe Meier14
1Burgdorfer Gasthausbrauerei AG101Guido Köppel21
2Brasserie La Source122BG 2418
3Oberhöfler’s Bier usem Neubrünnlertal23Arne Baucamp13
Strong AleNr.Weird & WonderfulNr.
1Leonhard Hebestreit21Bierwerkstatt Nordsud18
2Brasserie Mundschenk32David Foxton17
3Hoptopus53Brauerei 567 “Stollo’s Best”5
1Hans Fankhauser131Braumanufaktur Bahnhof Aarau3
2Schland Bräu222Leonhard Hebestreit8
3MosaicBrew73Brasserie BMR6

All first place winners per category will receive a bag of malt sponsored by Weyermann Malz. Category winners, runners-up and third place winners will also receive a voucher for the Brau- und Rauchshop sponsored by Fermentis and other sponsors.

We at bierversuche.ch congratulate all the podium finishers on their great success.

Disclaimer: Bierversuche has supported the B&R Beer Contest by organising the judges and has provided two judges itself, but has no financial interest in the company or the contest or any of the sponsors. We would like to thank the B&R team for the great organisation and their extraordinary commitment. We would also like to thank all the brewers for taking part in the contest and all the judges for their participation. We are already looking forward to next year.

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