The champions of the Swiss craft beer scene

The Swiss craft beer scene has experienced an almost incomparable boom in recent years. But as not only quantity but also quality counts, quality control with constructive and expert feedback is needed. At the Brau- und Rauch Beer Contest, the Swiss Beer Award with the most entries, an expert jury judged the submitted beers independently and impartially using the “Double Blind” method. This year, Torkelbräu lager from Niederlenz impressed the jury the most and was the overall winner.

Great Swiss lager beers for an unforgettable world cup evening

When from 14 June on 22 sweaty men are chasing a ball to the world’s amusement, one drink will be especially on the mind of the male and female football enthusiasts: Beer. We present the best lager beer alternatives to the products of global players such as Heineken (e.g. Eichhof, Calanda, Ittinger, Halengut) or Carlsberg (Feldschlösschen, Valaisanne, Hürlimann, Cardinal) from independent Swiss breweries.

Putting likes over drinking beer

The other day I learnt what a “boss pour” is. The Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine defines it as «A stylistically improper and aromatically challenged pour whereby the pourer fills a glass to the rim without leaving a head on the beer, in vain hopes of impressing friends on social media.» Having an Instagram account, I immediately knew what it was referring to and it gave a term to what has irritated me for a while. But let’s first take two steps back.

How we called off the collaboration brew with Siren

It was one of those moments, where you thought: this cannot be true, like if you’d see a Unicorn opening a can of Pliny The Younger or Cantillon announcing a Light Lager as their Zwanze beer. The e-mail that had us rubbing our eyes said: „It seems this collab idea fell between the gaps when I went back to the US. […] We should definitely do something though, perhaps next time you are over.“ Say what now? Collabo? With Siren! This cannot be true! And in the end. It wasn’t.

Reinheitsgebot: Treat it with indifference

When you are into beer, you will eventually hear about the Reinheitsgebot. And superficially you’ll be impressed: 500 years of tradition, single handedly saved the German people from starvation and from getting poisoned. Once you read a bit further, you will realize that these heroic tales are more legend than reality. And while it’s okay for a little child to believe Robin Hood and Wilhelm Tell were actual people that lived, as a grown up it’s time to accept the fact that these people are fictional characters, just like the Reinheitsgebot.

Interview with Andy Smith, founder and brewer at Partizan Brewing

The beer mile in Bermondsey is legendary. The second brewery to arrive there was Partizan Brewing, somewhat tucked away on a small street and behind a rather divey pub. The location is surprisingly small, and as Andy Smith, founder and brewer of Partizan explains, will soon be even more crammed with equipment. A week before the London Craft Beer Festival Andy took a moment to talk to us about all things Partizan.

Interview with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing

The tranquil beer scene was in an uproar when news of Evil Twin’s visit to beer café Au Trappist made the rounds. We bristled at the Evilness and ventured to a table with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin. In the interview we talk about Beerhunter, his knowledge of Switzerland, the secret collabo – about which we know nothing, of course -, sources of inspiration and Michael Jackson.