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Bierversuche.ch is a craft beer online magazine and blog. We cover craft beer tastings. We write about beer awards. And we provide background information about the craft beer market and the (Swiss) craft beer scene.

The background section includes articles with analyses of the craft beer market and information about the (Swiss) craft beer scene. Craft Beer Awards are also observed, questioned and discussed here.

Beer labels: 3. my water is better than yours

“Pure mountain spring water, the best hops and the finest malt provide the unmistakable taste of our unique beer.” Sound familiar? Must. Because it’s written in similar form on many labels of traditional lagers. But since paper is patient and can’t fight back, the question naturally arises: is what it says on the beer label true? Is it really the case that these three ingredients have a significant influence on the taste of beer?

Reinheitsgebot: Treat it with indifference

When you are into beer, you will eventually hear about the Reinheitsgebot. And superficially you’ll be impressed: 500 years of tradition, single handedly saved the German people from starvation and from getting poisoned. Once you read a bit further, you will realize that these heroic tales are more legend than reality. And while it’s okay for a little child to believe Robin Hood and Wilhelm Tell were actual people that lived, as a grown up it’s time to accept the fact that these people are fictional characters, just like the Reinheitsgebot.

Beer labels: an introduction

We sniff it, make mental or real notes of citrus and melon, caramel or coffee. On the palate, we can experience incredible flavor variety, or be bitterly disappointed. Mostly already forgotten is then what I would like to focus on in this series of contributions: the (beer) label, the label.