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Bierversuche is an ambiguous word in german. It means sampling different craft beer, brewing craft beer yourself as well as experimenting with it. We do it all. Because craft beer is always a search for the right recipe, the right ingredients or for the right beer. No matter if it’s for a new style, a new beer or an old classic.

Bierversuche.ch is a craft beer online magazine and blog. We report about craft beer tastings. We write about beer awards. And we provide background information about the craft beer market and the (Swiss) craft beer scene.

Great Swiss lager beers for an unforgettable world cup evening

When from 14 June on 22 sweaty men are chasing a ball to the world’s amusement, one drink will be especially on the mind of the male and female football enthusiasts: Beer. We present the best lager beer alternatives to the products of global players such as Heineken (e.g. Eichhof, Calanda, Ittinger, Halengut) or Carlsberg (Feldschlösschen, Valaisanne, Hürlimann, Cardinal) from independent Swiss breweries.

Drinking beers from Flanders and learning things

Beer is to Belgium as Cheese is to Switzerland as is Guns to the US as is ceviche to Peru: you can’t separate the two. At home we have a book called “1000 Belgian Beers” and browsing through it you’ll notice that there’s a plethora of breweries you’ve never even heard of. Thus when we got an invitation from Flanders Investment & Trade to drink… uhm, I mean discover, beers from the area, we obviously had to go. The event catered to people in the gastronomical and retail industry, and we were there as a multiplier, apparently, to spread the good word about Belgian beers. All with the intention of these beers hopefully being available in Switzerland soon.