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Why does a doctor, a teacher an engineer or a biochemist become a brewer? What’s so fascinating about craft beer? Read about the faces and breweries behind your favorite craft beer in the breweries and brewers portraits. Here you’ll find in-depth interviews with well-known and unknown faces of the brewing scene, completed with the most important info on selected breweries.

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When the prophet comes to the mountain – Greg Koch of Stone Brewing visits Switzerland

It was a bit of a moment, when Greg Koch, co-founder of iconic Stone Brewing walked onto the stage at BrewDog’s AGM two years ago. With his look it felt like the prophet – if not even the messiah – had arrived. But watching any of the videos that are online, in person he seems very approachable. Greg is now coming to Switzerland for the Stone tap takeover at The International. So go, have a chat. “I love talking with folks about beer” Greg says.

Interview with Johnathan Wakefield of J.Wakefield Brewing

He’s referred to as the master of Berliners. His brewery seamlessly fits into the art district that is Wynwood in Miami. Yes, there’s plenty of buzz around the J.Wakefield Brewing. Master busy bee Johnathan Wakefield had barely a moment to sit down with us, as there was bottles to be filled and lauter temperatures to be checked. Only the more excited we are to give you this in depth interview.

Interview with Trevor Rogers of De Garde Brewing

It took one sip of one bottle to be fans. Luckily, our friend brought two bottles and thus our newly found fandom was satisfied with more sips from another bottle. The husband and wife operation De Garde does amazing wild fermented beers, or as Pat’s Pints wrote: “They pitch yeast as often as the Westvleteren Monks have sex”. The collaboration of air around Tillamook in Oregon and Trevor Rogers result is amazing and it was clear we needed to talk to him. So we did.

Interview with Ryan Sentz, Funky Buddha Brewery

We first encountered Funky Buddha at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. Ever since then we couldn’t forget the culinary and amazingly flavorful beers. Unfortunately you need to travel to Florida to get to drink them. But as there’s also alligators, rockets and beaches, it’s worth a trip. Particularly because there is one of our favorite breweries: Funky Buddha. We got to talk to the man behind the recipes, founder and co-owner Ryan Sentz.

Interview with Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Through the six months we’ve been talking to Chad Yakobson, he hasn’t switched of his “out-of-office” message once. Yes, it changes, but the basic message stays the same: He is really, really, really busy with the expansion of Crooked Stave. Thus we are really greatful he took the time to answer our questions and also very pleased to give you this interview, completing our “Cerveza Sin Frontera” trilogy.