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Why does a doctor, a teacher an engineer or a biochemist become a brewer? What’s so fascinating about craft beer? Read about the faces and breweries behind your favorite craft beer in the breweries and brewers portraits. Here you’ll find in-depth interviews with well-known and unknown faces of the brewing scene, completed with the most important info on selected breweries.

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Interview with Ryan Sentz, Funky Buddha Brewery

We first encountered Funky Buddha at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014. Ever since then we couldn’t forget the culinary and amazingly flavorful beers. Unfortunately you need to travel to Florida to get to drink them. But as there’s also alligators, rockets and beaches, it’s worth a trip. Particularly because there is one of our favorite breweries: Funky Buddha. We got to talk to the man behind the recipes, founder and co-owner Ryan Sentz.

Interview with Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

Through the six months we’ve been talking to Chad Yakobson, he hasn’t switched of his “out-of-office” message once. Yes, it changes, but the basic message stays the same: He is really, really, really busy with the expansion of Crooked Stave. Thus we are really greatful he took the time to answer our questions and also very pleased to give you this interview, completing our “Cerveza Sin Frontera” trilogy.

Interview with Tom Hutchings of Brew By Numbers

London truly is buzzing when it comes to beer. Just a few years ago you were more likely to find Budweiser in a traditional pub, then a good craft beer from a keg. But things have changed and in the wake of The Kernel and Camden Town came many more breweries, like Partizan, Beavertown or Brew By Numbers. Founded by Dave Seymour & Tom Hutchings they brew unpretentious and delicious beer just as they are unpretentious people.

Interview with Andy Smith, founder and brewer at Partizan Brewing

The beer mile in Bermondsey is legendary. The second brewery to arrive there was Partizan Brewing, somewhat tucked away on a small street and behind a rather divey pub. The location is surprisingly small, and as Andy Smith, founder and brewer of Partizan explains, will soon be even more crammed with equipment. A week before the London Craft Beer Festival Andy took a moment to talk to us about all things Partizan.

Interview with Tobias Emil Jensen of To Øl

Quite a meteoric rise To Øl did. Only five years old and already, according to RateBeer, it is one of the ten best breweries in the world. Tobias Emil Jensen, who along with Tore Gynther is To Øl, visited Switzerland for three stops. Between the two Meet The Brewer sessions at the Erzbierschof-Bar in Zurich we got the chance to sit down with him and ask him a few questions.

Interview with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing

The tranquil beer scene was in an uproar when news of Evil Twin’s visit to beer café Au Trappist made the rounds. We bristled at the Evilness and ventured to a table with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin. In the interview we talk about Beerhunter, his knowledge of Switzerland, the secret collabo – about which we know nothing, of course -, sources of inspiration and Michael Jackson.

Interview with Jester King’s Jeff, Garrett and Adrienne

Terroir. Getting into wine, you’ll hear this term a lot. It’s a catch-all term for the environmental factors that have an influence on the wine. Terroir used to play a factor in beer too: beer styles were developed according to the local water. Different areas have different hops and malts. And maybe most importantly: the local microorganisms gave each brewery its own unique character.