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To travel is to discover. We discover craft beer while traveling. Whether at craft beer festivals, on short trips or on longer journeys. Craft beer accompanies us. Whether in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, England, Denmark or Finland, in the East or overseas.

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Crawling through breweries in South London (with video)

London is a world-class beer city. This has always been the case – after all, London has shaped the development of beer styles such as Porter and IPA. But what was sometimes missing was the opportunity to visit breweries for a beer. However, the number of breweries with taprooms has risen sharply in recent years, so that not only the legendary beer mile in Bermondsey is worth a visit. For example, we traveled further south and visited six breweries there.

Leatherpants at the Great Canadian Beer Festival

With the last remnants of a jetlag hanging in our skull like evaporating water droplets from a harbor fog, our brain was filled to capacity with impressions: We just came back from seeing orcas in the wild, more bald eagles than pigeons and rough-edged coasts and soft moss on millions of trees. In such a state, seeing a person dressed like a unicorn, on a field full of seagull shit, on an island – may it be as big as Belgium, the whole experience could have felt like a motorcycle race during a sandstorm outside of Las Vegas. In the end, attending the Great Canadian Beer Fest(ival) was very little gonzo, but very much fun.

Looking for craft beer in Greece

The sun hit us hard. We had arrived in the South, in the Sun, in Greece. It was a thirsty weather and we knew little to nothing about Greek craft beer. But we knew of one place, pointed out to us by Konstantinos Avramidis of Elixi – who we found via Untappd and contacted via Facebook. With an unsure future for Ratebeer, such might be something we need to get used to.

Amsterdam, one day in April

Besides (or maybe for some: on top of) plenty of Sodom and Gomorrah, Amsterdam has a lively beer scene. Moreover, many have a tap-room for you to hang out, drink fresh beer and eat something to keep you going. There are actually so many breweries and bars that it is impossible to do them all in a day – for a good list, check out the map our fellow traveler and guide has put together. Therefore, this is not a complete guide, but a report on how we spent one Saturday in April.